In Paris, 22 years ago, the first Salon du Chocolat was born.

It all started with two passionate entrepreneurs who were in love with chocolate and each other, and a project that everyone considered a crazy idea: create an event dedicated entirely to an everyday food. But they had a strong desire and firm belief in the market and its professionals, both of which did not receive the exposure they deserved. Now, 22 years on, the show is a resounding success both in France and around the world, helping to promote knowledge of and expertise in chocolate, from the bean to the bar, from producing countries to consumers.

Progressively conquering the major cities of France (Marseille, Cannes, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes.), Europe (Bologna, Zurich, Brussels, London, Monaco, Cologne, Milan) and the rest of the world (New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Cairo, Salvador da Bahia, Lima, Seoul, Beirut), the Salon du Chocolat now has around 15 events each year.

Key figures - The Salon du Chocolat since it was created:

9.5 million visitors

210 events

16 countries

32 cities around the world

4 continents

26,000 participants

87% unaided awareness in France and 62% in Europe (Source: Ipsos)