Relais Desserts Charles Proust Competition

Relais Desserts Charles Proust Competition


The Salon du Chocolat is proud to host the prestigious Relais Desserts Charles Proust Competition on Friday, 28th October at the Pastry Show Theatre.

Relaunched in 2006 by the Relais Desserts Association, the competition gives young pastry chefs from all over the world an opportunity to show off their talent in public and under the experienced eyes of the great pastry chefs.


Under the honorary chairmanship of Jacques Bellanger, winner of the competition in 1978, and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (France’s Best Worker) – Pastry Chef, candidates will have to:

-make an artistic piece on the theme of “Craftsmanship, a French heritage”, in sugar paste, sugar or Isomalt and chocolate.

-present a Guanaja milk and dark chocolate dessert.

An opportunity for everyone to express his artistic qualities and talent as a pastry chef.


The pieces will be judged by the Artistic Jury chaired by Jean-Philippe Darcis. The desserts will be judged by a jury of professional pastry chefs chaired by Claire Damon, a press jury chaired by Philippe Toinard from the magazine “Fou de Pâtisserie” and a General Public jury chaired by Mercotte.


This year's candidates are: Kohei Ishida, Pâtisserie Ducobu - Rémi Sendin, Restaurant Laurent - Yuki Matsuo, Chocolate Shop Sano Takashi - Adrien Petitgenêt, Maison Jean-Paul Hévin - Gen Sasaki, Pâtisserie Caroline - François Daubinet, Restaurant Le Taillevent - Keisuke Nii, Pâtisserie Oberweis - Tomoko Miyagawa, Pâtisserie Cassel and Nicolas Riveau, Valrhona.


The winner of the 2016 edition of Relais Desserts Charles Proust Competition is Nicolas Riveau from Valrhona.