For the first time, the Salon du Chocolat is offering children and young teenagers a totally new introductory journey. Situated on the lower floor, the Salon du Chocolat Junior welcomes children of all ages, offering discovery trails and entertaining, instructive tasting experiences.


Pastry Show Junior with Gulli : pastry battles to learn how to make delicious chocolate recipes with the tips from a chef of the prestigious Ecole Ferrandi, in partnership with La Chocolaterie de l'Opéra - the workshops will be commented by the presenter Anne Limbour. At 11:00am - 02:00pm and 4:00pm.

For the final on Tuesday 1st November, participants will get presents offered by KitchenAid, Nestlé Dessert and Gulli.The presenter Khriss will also be at the “party” onthe ground floor on Tuesday 1st November (Cacao Show podium). On the programme: dance lessons and a guaranteed festive atmosphere.
On-site registration, subject to availability - open to children aged 10 minimum up to 15.

No! Chocolate bars don’t grow on trees! The Salon du Chocolat’s Junior “Cocoa Classes” explain the origins of chocolate and how it is made during a series of entertaining, instructive mini-talks by chocolatiers and experts.

On the Wondercity stand, the leading website for parents looking for early learning and leisure activities for their children, young visitors can sign in for Choco-Tours, mini-guided tours of the Show specially designed to help children learn while having fun.

In the “Atelier des Sens” area, the emphasis will be on Halloween, with a kitchen for little chefs to experiment with funny or frightening figures designed by pastry chef / storyteller Mélanie Launay. On the programme: chocolate mousse with tentacles, Cyclops mice and “There’ll be blood” chocolate bars. The mornings will be given over to parent and child workshops, while, from 12.30 pm, the little chefs will be able to take part in workshops on their own, just like the adults!

Jolis Mômes, the beauty boutique for children, will be offering free, delicious treatments to junior chocolate lovers! Chocolate tattoos, nougatine, caramel or chocolate massages, patissier nail art... There’s something for everyone! You’ll find Jolis Mômes at 156 rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris

Muna Mboa (which means “local child” in the Douala language in Cameroon) will be offering a programme of activities aimed at promoting and passing on the cultural heritage of the African continent to children: reading of stories from the various cocoa-producing countries (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Gabon), shows with traditional songs and stories, treasure hunts in the Show, African hairstyle workshops and African language-learning, “fabric workshops” on the history of African printed fabrics and the creation of accessories in wax, and, of course, chocolate drawing and make-up workshops.

The Toques en Truck, a tasty operation devised by the “Tout le Monde contre le Cancer” association to help sick children and their families, will be stopping off at the Salon du Chocolat with a delicious photo shooting and a boutique to support the association’s actions.

Audrey Baharier, founder of L’Atelier des Gâteaux, will be running cookery workshops on the theme of creativity. The programme includes: cake design, gravity cake and highly-decorated cupcakes! Anyone can have a go and make some surprising, personalised cakes. There’ll be four-handed parent/child workshops every morning (1 hour) and 30-minute workshops for children only every afternoon.

In a Halloween setting designed by Chocolat Show, children and their parents will find disguises and a fresco made up of hundreds of origami butterflies, designed by the Korean-Japanese artist Tsuyu, who inserts the traditional, iconic art of origami into her works.

Youngsters (and their parents!) will have a feast for their eyes with the exhibition of sweets by Sweet Candy Shower, specializing in sweet tables and candy bars in partnership with les Gourmandises de Nathaly's and Sweet Creations Cakes.

Bonnat Chocolatier will be presenting its authentic production line and showing the different stages required to turn cocoa into chocolate - in partnership with Savy Goiseau

What about break-time? The arcade games specialist, Neo Legend, will be asking children to share their enthusiasm for their favourite video games and offering parent/child battles using the iconic games from the 1980s.